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‘Youth Opportunity and Professional Development for Sustainable Livelihoods’

Our Isles and Oceans brings people together through the vehicle of sport.

The Our Isles and Oceans initiative provides unique opportunities for people in the British Isles. We are a platform for professional development and youth opportunity and create life changing moments and experiences for all involved. OIAO has launched in Scotland, creating funded sailing programmes for young people, and advocating for the sustainability of our oceans for the next generation.


Our Isles and Oceans aims to bring people together through sport and show that with unity, comes opportunity. 



Individuals who join the campaign are incorporated into the training programme where they will not only learn to race but will meet likeminded individuals, train with world class mentors and have the chance to apply to become a team member on a Clipper 70 competing in the Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race.

There are two yachts involved in the Our Isles and Oceans initiative. The Our Isles and Oceans Clipper 68 (68ft training yacht) that will deliver training programmes across the western seaboard of the UK; and the Our Isles and Oceans Clipper 70 (70ft racing yacht) that will take part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.


“Over the course of lockdown I had lost a lot of confidence. I’m usually someone who loves a new challenge, but this had been eroded over time by working from home and the lack of meeting people. I came across the Our Isles and Oceans programme on my Instagram and it seemed to provide me with the challenge I’d been looking for.

I loved every minute of sailing on the Clipper Yacht and I’ve met the most incredible people. It has helped me rediscover the sense of adventure and challenge I thought I’d lost and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Daniel Cullen

Our Isles and Oceans Ambassador, Group 3

“The programme was excellent and it felt like those few sailing days made up for the months and months of challenges which covid brought to my life. As a student I had felt pretty isolated and deflated for most of the year and I applied as it seemed like an amazing opportunity to get back out there and challenge myself. I had not sailed before, and it was such a fun experience with a great group of people. I could not stop smiling and I cannot thank the whole team enough for giving me this opportunity to help me bounce back after an incredibly difficult year.”

Honor Wright

Our Isles and Oceans Ambassador, Group 3

“For me being an Our Isles and Oceans Ambassador was an opportunity to mesh together areas of my life that are important to me – fighting the climate crisis, the power sport can have in bringing people together and having once in a lifetime adventures.”

Ellis Kennedy

Our Isles and Oceans Ambassador, Group 2

“Before lockdown I was confident and felt happy with everything in my life. During the lockdown, i was isolated and lost confidence, I was anxious about getting back to life as it usually was. I felt a shell of the person I was. I came across a programme by Our Isles and Oceans which has been set up to support young people 18 – 35 to build confidence, resilience and cope with the lasting consequences of the pandemic. The main objective of the programme is provide young people with a week away sailing a Clipper race boat. Pushing young people out of their comfort zone and affording young people the potential opportunity to take part in a world sailing race, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

I completed my week and met people I will call friends for life, I now feel more confident than ever and this experience has totally changed my life. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to continuing to being an Our Isles and Oceans Ambassador representing the programme and shaping future development.”

David Cunningham

Our Isles and Oceans Ambassador, Group 1


Our Isles and Oceans was created to provide unique opportunities for people across the British Isles.

When you join the Our Isles and Oceans campaign, you will be joining a movement. You will not only benefit from the funded training and professional programme, but you will be welcomed into the Our Isles and Oceans Community and become fully integrated in our development scheme which will include focused events, networking opportunities, dedicated mentors and tutors and the possibility to join a leg in the Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race.